About us

Tasha Higgins ( that's me with the giant ginger) has been chef/owner of Mother’s Kitchen Foods since 1996. I started my love for real food while working at the Morning Glory Café in Bar Harbor when I was 19. I followed my passion by attending New York Restaurant School in Manhattan, NY. I completed the program and did an internship at a large catering company where they worked events for fragrance debuts, photo shoots, and even a parties hosted by the NYC Zoo.

I decided that city life was not for me and back to my Island I went. Soon after, I purchased Mother’s Kitchen from a lovely lady named Kirsten who was ready to move on to other ventures.

Now we welcome a new addition to Mother's by having a full coffee bar and great new partners.

Quincy and Valentina taking advantage of their actual Mothers' Kitchen and making their own lunch!

Meet Christobal Marcial and Kristina Devora owners of Coffee Matter .

Chris and Kristina found they way to Maine in 2012. Chris is from Chiapas ,Mexico, and Kristina was born and raised in Spain.

Both have had an array of jobs from coffee roasting, partnering in a bar, teaching in schools, and most recently running a full service coffee bar in downtown Bar Harbor called Coffee Matter They are amazing assets to the Island with their knowledge and expertise of all things coffee, Kristina's work at Conners Emerson school. and their three beautiful young girls .

Check out their current offerings and stay tuned for our coming combined online ordering! https://www.coffeematter.biz/