Mother’s kitchen is a small gourmet sandwich shop 
& catering company located near Bar Harbor 
in Town Hill, Maine
Tasha Higgins is the chef/owner of Mother’s Kitchen Foods. She started her love for food while working at the Morning Glory Café in Bar Harbor when she was 19. She decided to further her knowledge by attending New York Restaurant School in Manhattan, NY. She completed the program and did an Internship at a large catering company where they worked events for fragrance debuts, photo shoots and even a party for 800 guests hosted by the NY Zoo

Turkey Bacon Avocado gourmet sandwich

She decided that city life was not for her and back to her little Island she went. Soon after, she purchased Mother’s Kitchen from a lovely lady named Kirsten who was ready to move on to other ventures. So here is Tasha - after two expansions of the building, twenty-one years and lot’s of growing pains - still committed and going strong!

We were mentioned in the Downeast Magazine under Maine Favorites - You can’t say you’re really a Mainer if you haven’t tried the majority of the items on this list

Here at Mother’s we know the value of supporting our neighbors and other small businesses in Maine. Here is a list of some of our farmers, bread suppliers and other local people that make our little world go around: 
  • Sea Island Bakery 
  • Freedom Farm 
  • Sunflower Gardens 
  • Little Notch Bakery 
  • Pectic Seafood 
  • Salsbury’s Organic Garden Center 
  • Webber Farms 
  • Seal Cove Farm 
  • Atlantic Brewing 
  • Nova Foods 
  • Dennis Staples 
  • Town Hill Market 
  • Acacia House B&B 
  • Earthworms Inc. 
  • f/v Tasha Lyn 
  • Moon Dog Farm 
  • Smith Family Farm 
  • Thinmandesign
  • Compusult, Inc 
  • Wissinger Photographic
  • House Doctor 
  • All of our employees!!!!!